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How to Reconnect Spiritually with Your Husband

Five years ago, I did something that led to a huge fight between my husband and me.

Our church was launching a small group book study initiative and I put our names down to join a small group without really discussing it with him first. Not only that but I kind of put a checkmark in the box beside our names that said we would be willing to host.

Having sealed our fate, I quietly returned to my seat in the sanctuary and promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks later, he approached me with a less than understanding look in his eyes. “I’ve just been informed,” he said in a measured tone. “That we will be hosting a small group this fall. I’m sure that’s a mistake, right?”

Oops. The ensuing argument was unpleasant, but after we’d worked through his concerns about having people over on a weekly basis, we went on to host the group—not just for that year, but for four years. These people, with whom we’d had no prior connection, became our family, an unshakable force of support and love through some of the most formative years of our lives.

Each summer, when our church asked if we would like to divide into multiple small groups, we were adamant that we remain together. Each of us felt that the bond we shared was unique and that we weren’t ready for a change in that season. Personally, I didn’t know what I would do without them.

I knew that my dependency on the group wasn’t necessarily healthy, but our meetings and fellowship were so life-giving that I refused to consider an alternative.

Then, one day last summer, my husband was preaching and the Spirit of the Lord came on me quite strongly.

He gave me a vision of our future that was, though startling to me, emblematic of exactly what we needed. He also gave me a clear first step He wanted me to take on the path to realizing that vision.

Let go of the small group.

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