weaving a tapestry

Belonging: Weaving Together the Simple Threads of a Beautiful Tapestry

Five years ago, the fabric of my family’s life started unravelling.

In September 2012, I left a full-time contract to homeschool our daughters, and, like the overachiever I was, I thought that launching our new adventure with a month-long, multi-modal traverse across Canada would be fun and educational.


Winter set in quickly and our trip was marked by hasty evasions of hurricanes, flooded roads, and freezing rain. By the time we arrived home in early November, we were worn, weary, and completely unprepared for the challenges awaiting us.

Less than a week after our homecoming, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. In need of support, she moved in with us and commenced treatment. A month later, my husband’s latest start-up hit an impasse that would ultimately result in the company’s demise.

So, we suddenly found ourselves as a homeschooling, cancer-fighting family of five, living in a two-bedroom apartment with virtually no income.

The threads were starting to loosen.

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